Let's just call out the obvious

You don't learn how to be a real estate agent in real estate school.

Sounds crazy right?  It's sad, but it's true. I'm not kidding - when you get your fresh brand spankin' new license, you literally have ZERO clue what to do next. It's up to you to seek out training and have self motivation to learn all the things you need to learn to run a successful real estate business. After all, you're a brand new entrepreneur trying to navigate your way around this crazy complicated real estate world. It can be very difficult to find the REAL GOOD training unless you align yourself with the right people.

If you relate, you are not alone!

challenges you might be facing:

You're fresh out of real estate school and don't even know where to begin! What do you do first? How do you find clients? When do you start getting paid? All legit questions that you have to figure out.

You're a seasoned pro but you're just feeling a little stuck or out of ideas. You long for community, connection and authenticity.

You know the basics but are missing exactly how to put all of the pieces together. You're looking for resources to amplify your skill, teach you how to think on your feet, how to identify a client's personality to create rapport, and are looking for ways to GROW a business worth owning.

I have the solutions to 
help you.

You've Come to the right place


Training and educating agents is so rewarding to me.  I've been training and educating since I began my team in 2013.  Through mentoring and education, I've found my true passion is helping others grow their wings beyond my team and flow THROUGH me while being enriched along their business journey.


Cultivating others in their real estate business - helping them learn, grow and become amazing agents has been an extremely rewarding experience.

Up until now, my reach has been limited to those who are in my world, but I am eager to have a GREATER IMPACT!  I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach at our local association level with continuing education courses, however I still see a need for more - more skills training.  So, in true Jenni fashion, I've created my own skills based training course for agents who want to learn and grow without being tied to a specific brokerage brand.


I'm bringing people back together in monthly mastermind events where we talk about the topics that REALLY matter.  The messy.  The real.  The hard.  Spend time each month with your peers, hearing and sharing real life stories and strategies on how to navigate this wild and crazy business.


value. authenticity. real life. timely topics.


Be exclusively behind the scenes with me as I meet with clients, prepare homes for sale, handle delicate conversations, and get an ALL ACCESS view into HOW I THINK and WHAT I DO!


The answer is they can't, but I can!

There are lots of moments within our business where you have to be quick on your feet and know how to pivot.  But, how does someone teach you that in a classroom setting?