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Behind the Mind

A new monthly membership program for Real Estate Agents where you learn from watching Jenni in action!

Learning you can't get in a classroom setting!

You'll have exclusive access through our online community to connect with agents, celebrate you wins and share your resources.





New content drops each month which may include:
  • Real life client interactions by Real Estate Professionals! 
  • Hear directly from consumers their thoughts about their real estate transactions. What did what they love and what left them wanting more?  
  • Hear from trusted partners what they look for in agents and how you can ensure their business is referred to you!



Live access to me 1x/month on a group zoom call to ask me anything! I'm here to help you brainstorm, identity possibilities and be your friend to help hold your hand in this business.

What's Included:

sneak peak

You get access to the 

This is unlike any other training.  You can watch me as I have to pivot, think on my feet, and am sometimes in uncomfortable situations.  Thanks to modern technology, I can pause the footage &  tell you exactly what I was thinking in those EXACT moments.  Giving you an insiders look into the brain of someone who has almost 20 years of real estate experience.  

authentic, raw, & real 

Actual experience